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The Servant Leadership Model


You are the kind of leader who is relationship and values driven and thrive on helping others succeed. You aren't content to let others stay where they are. You want to see them grow and develop into all they were made to be - the same standard you set for your own growth. You have a keen ability to listen, hear and understand. You use influence instead of positional authority to get things done. You are more interested in building a team to accomplish a vision rather than depending on your talent and skill alone. You believe there is more to your organization than just making profit. Much more.

When it comes to advancing in your career or developing as a leader, you feel a little like a square peg in a round hole. Most leadership development programs are geared for aggressive, type-A personality leaders. You've gleaned some good concepts from them but it just hasn't resonated with you. You are a different kind of leader needing a different kind of leadership coaching to continue growing.

I've been where you're at and I discovered years ago that if I were to continue growing as a leader, I needed to find a coach who could develop my Servant Leadership style. Now I help other leaders, just like you, to grow and develop into all they were made to be. In fact, I have coached hundreds of servant leaders over the years, from executives in Fortune 500 companies to small business owners, to learn and excel in the servant leadership model. They have all experienced tremendous growth professionally, personally, and financially - many increasing revenues by 35% annually. Their business is growing, their teams are growing, and they are growing as leaders. If you're not, why not?

My coaching program will give you the tools to :
  * Identify and advance in your level of leadership with your staff or team
  * Identify the next generation of leaders and create a plan to develop them
  * Focus on building on your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses
  * Lead yourself, your staff or team, and your clients for greater effectiveness, longevity, and higher revenues

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InDemand Leadership is an innovator in empowering clients to be laser-focused in their work, and live balanced & purposeful lives. My coaching program will give you a higher perspective, and the power to run your business on all 8 cylinders without leaving anyone behind. What’s the point in reaching your destination if you are all alone?

My approach as a business development coach is to grow your business through the right relationships and activities. Understanding your ‘why’ and core values, gives you the clarity to connect with your ideal client, work more effectively, and earn the income you want.

I only work with people who are capable of being outstanding and won’t settle for anything less. If this resonates with you, then you are ready to move forward and experience true achievement in all areas of your life!




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What My Clients Say:
“I have learned more from your coaching in 6 months than I have in over a year with another coaching company! You have pushed me to excel and held me accountable to my goals. I have seen tremendous growth both professionally and personally as a result.”

Stephanie S.
Wealth Advisor, Thrivant Lutheran Financial Services

"I had my best month ever last month, and this month is lining up to surpass that! I can attribute it directly to the coaching you have provided in building and deepening my client relationships."

Paul V.
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“Our industry has gone through several changes in the past two years. Jeff is helping us put together a strategy to change our current business model to adapt to these changes. His advice has been invaluable to us.”

Chris K.
Owner, Rim2Rim Benefits

Partial Client List:
Merrill Lynch
Edward Jones
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Raymond James
Savant Capital
Applied Communications
Verizon Wireless
GE Capital
GE Consumer Finance
GE Health

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