Smart Businesses Plan, Successful Businesses Plan Strategically.

by Jeff Orr, Leadership Performance and Business Coach

One of the most important business activities any growing organization engages in is their annual review and strategic planning for the coming year. Unfortunately, many business owners do not carve the time out of their schedule for this critical analysis due to being a prisoner by the tyranny of the urgent. However, the rewards that come with this business activity are priceless. Imagine running your business with more confidence, peace, efficiency, clarity, and profitability. You don’t have to “wing it” day to day. You can have clear direction and see real results from your efforts. You don’t have to be a slave to your business. Your business can be your servant. The price? Your time.

If you lead a staff or team, reviewing your year and planning for the next is critical if you are to retain your best employees. I have coached more than a few highly-skilled and talented leaders who were looking for another job because the top leadership of the organization did nothing to examine and improve office efficiency. These organizations end up paying a higher price as they must spend much needed resources (time, money, productivity) on finding and training a new employee. So what is involved in an annual review and planning?

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This part of the process begins with brainstorming and capturing of ideas that will form your business’s goals for the next 12 months. Examine the different areas of your business. What do you need to continue building upon? What new opportunities do you need to position your business to take advantage of? What areas do you want to expand? Let go of? What is the one big, audacious goal you would like to achieve in the coming year?

If you are to compete in the market, you have to plan. If you want to be successful in the marketplace, you have to plan strategically. You will come upon many good opportunities in the coming year, but not every one of them will be a great opportunity for your business. Strategic planning keeps you focused on positioning your business in a way to take advantage of those great opportunities. Matt Oechsli at the Oechsli Institute says to “inspect what you expect.” Take the time now to set the direction you will take and work toward making those plans a reality!


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Holiday Marketing May Not Be For Selling

by Amanda Collins, Chief of Staff, The Grammar Doctors

December is a busy month if you’re in business for yourself. For many entrepreneurs, it’s the end of the fiscal year, so they’re juggling numerous activities: managing paperwork, finishing up those year-end sales deals, and planning marketing and business development for the next year. And then add in caring for your family and employees to ensure they have a wonderful holiday season. It can be hectic. One thing you can do to balance things a bit is to take a different approach with your holiday marketing: express your gratitude.
Gratitude is typically associated with Thanksgiving, but who says you can’t run your business from this place the rest of the year? The holidays are a perfect time to say thank you to your customers for their business, loyalty, and referrals in 2012. It’s also a great time to share good wishes for the coming year. Instead of a holiday sale, why not give a gratitude discount? Marketing is, after all, all about how you package it, so you may choose to spin it in a whole different way this year.
And are you sending cards or a holiday email newsletter? Skip the marketing and just share holiday wishes. There’s a saying: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Caring means a lot to people, and if you’re sincere with it, your customers will hear you loud and clear. And don’t worry about your bottom line: If your holiday marketing is about giving rather than getting, you’ll get more than you ever expected.




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