Is Your Leadership Worth Remembering?

by Jeff Orr, Leadership Performance and Business Coach

I was reading some history the other day of a nation long ago that was struggling with its succession of one bad king after another. In between some of these bad leaders were good kings. They put together reforms that positively impacted their people, advanced their economy and brought peace to their nation. The bad kings, however, were self-centered, greedy and self-indulgent. They brought about ruin to their people economically, politically and morally. In the annuls of this nation’s history, great detail was written of the good kings and their leadership, their reforms and advancements. When one of those kings died, they were honored by the people with all the pomp and circumstance and ceremony befitting a great leader. As a final honor, these kings were buried with their fathers in the Tombs of the Kings.

What struck me as I read, was how little was written regarding the bad kings. These ineffective leaders were not remembered nor honored among their people when they died. One king in particular caught my attention. He was such a bad leader that this was what was written about his death:

“His people made no funeral fire in his honor, as they had for his predecessors…He passed away, to no one’s regret, and was buried in the capital city but not in the tombs of the kings.”

He passed away to no one’s regret. I know I don’t want to have a death like that. What about you? What kind of legacy do you want to leave in regard to your leadership? Do you want it to be one of honor, boldness and vision, or one of selfishness and greed? If you could have your leadership written about in the annals of history, what would you want it say?

Now here’s the real question. What are you going to do today to make progress toward making your leadership legacy one worthy of remembering?


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The Charge Against Senior Leaders

by Chip Toth, Executive Coach, LeadersInspire

During a recent executive coaching session with a mid level manager she lamented, "if only my boss would work on the same developmental objectives that I am we would all find more support and motivation to grow around here." What is her complaint? The senior leader of the company, who pays for executive coaching for his managers, is not himself becoming the kind of leader he is asking his direct reports to be! "Duplicity" is the most common charge. Confusion and discouragement for the direct reports are normal outcomes.

Leader, I run into this discrepancy all too often. It looks something like this: Marty, a mid-level manager, is reprimanded for having poor interpersonal skills and withholding recognition and motivation from his people. "Get him training, or an executive coach!", the order comes down from on high. And within a training/coaching framework Marty gains new self-awareness, skills, and a mindset to manage at a new level. He is encouraged with his personal progress and new impact on others. Yet he wonders, sometimes aloud, "who is going to get these same lessons and training across to MY boss, Executive I.M. First, who treats people like old tires on his company Porsche and will only recognize accomplishment when staring into a mirror!?!"
"I have known a thousand scamps; but I never met one who
considered himself so. Self-knowledge isn't so common." --Ouida

The old adage is still true: "speed of the leader, speed of the pack." We will do well therefore to pay attention to the following Three (3) Leadership Laws for developing others. And they are "laws" in that they will always be true and will always be linked to consequences.

Law 1: Leaders must demonstrate in day-to-day practical ways that which they demand of others. Leaders must practice what they preach. More is caught than taught. Your Example will always out-teach your Mouth. All eyes are on you, you do live in the proverbial "glass house", get used to it, you are accountable but also powerful in your example. Q: is there anything in my behavior or practice that is contradictory to my message?

Law 2: Leaders must themselves commit to Training and Development. Not showing up for the two-day training session on Motivating and Inspiring Others is not an option. Committing your key managers to executive coaching engagements but refusing to secure your own coach is duplicitous. Your absence in training or coaching SHOUTS a loud message to the organization that will be interpreted in all the ways you do not intend and most dread. Q: do I commit myself to the same training schedule and rigors that I expect from my people?

Law 3: Leaders must be genuinely driven to be Life long Learners. The humility and teach-ability of a learner serves as your foundation for growth and impact on your organization and external customers. Q's: What are you reading today? What is the latest lesson you have learned on leadership? What mistake or train wreck from your leadership past now serves as a vibrant story to teach still others? Who and what level do you invite to teach you? Is everyone a candidate teacher for you or just a select few?

Three Laws that are true and critically important to the integrity and influence of your leadership and organization. I invite you to take a hard look in the mirror, check for discrepancies between your message and your motion, then renew your commitment to be a fully integrated leader learner. Let's work together to trash once and for all the cry of duplicity that rises from the mid level ranks of our organizations!



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