You Are Worth More Than That
10-29-2015 at 10:36 AM
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I had a Daddy / Daughter date with my eleven year old the other day. We went to see a movie together and had a great time. Afterward, she wanted to play one of the video games in the theater’s arcade. There before us was the Fast and Furious race game, perfect for two competitors. So in the money went, and we got set for the race. What appeared next made me wince.??

Surrounding our cars at the starting line on the screen were a group of curvaceous women, dressed in just enough clothing to cover a grapefruit. One had a flag and gyrated as if she were dancing on a pole, squealing and uttering noises that would appeal to a prepubescent boy (after all, it did when I was that age). She counted down from three, swung the flag down and bent forward, revealing the depths of her cleavage. Fortunately, my daughter was fixated on a quick start so I didn’t think she noticed it. ??

After the game, as we walked back to the car, she asked me a question. “Why were those women dressed the way they were at the start of the game?” Hmmm. How to respond…

??My wife and I have been very diligent over the years to not only tell our daughter of the message of proper dress (and the message it sends) but also to model it. It’s not about being dressing in frumpy, lifeless clothing. It's about dressing in a way that displays self-respect, poise, confidence, and civility. Research studies over the years have shown a connection with how we dress and the way we view ourselves and how we behave. Our culture, as well as many cultures in world history, objectify women into a display of sexual desire. Is this all there is to a woman? A quick study of our media, from print and digital, to video, shows what we consider beautiful and sexy in regard to women. It doesn’t show her to be a person. Only an object, dripping with desire. When is the last time you saw an advertisement showing a Victoria’s Secret model reading a book on Einstein’s theory of relativity while wearing lingerie???

So, back to the question from my daughter. I had to do my best to explain that they were there for one purpose: to appeal to the sexual desires of a male. There is no thought to the woman’s mind, dreams, feelings, hopes, desire for respect, etc. The only reason they were filmed for the video game was because they had body parts that the game designers found appealing.

??I stopped my daughter as we walked and looked her in the eye. “You are worth more than that. You are smart, kind hearted, funny, strong, and beautiful inside and out. You are worth more than what you saw. And so are they, even if they don’t believe it.”

??If you have a daughter, tell her this. Often.?
If you are a woman, tell yourself this. Often.?
If you know a woman, tell her this. Often.
?If you are a man, repeat this: “A woman is precious and valuable. She is so much more than what I see on the outside.”??

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