Whether You Do or Don't... You Will
01-28-2015 at 10:29 AM
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At the start of each year I reflect on how the previous year went, the goals I reached or failed to reach, and the main lessons learned. I have found it useful to identify a theme for each year of an area for growth. It might be deepening relationships, focusing on, and living out my core values, and so on. This year my theme is intentionality. I have been recognizing a trend in my life for the goals not realized, and that is intentionality. I have not put resources to the goal in regard to time, money, or energy. But here’s the interesting part. If I am honest, I would say that I was intentional about those goals. It’s just that I was intentional about not achieving them.

Now, I wouldn’t have spotted that in the middle of working on all of my goals and living life. I had the goal in the back of my mind and occasionally it would creep out to the light to remind me it was there. I would dismiss it with the standard excuses, “I’m too busy,” “There are other priorities right now,” or some other. The fact that I actively dismissed the goal proves the point that I was intentional in not going after it.

In many areas of business and life, there is a choice to do or don’t. You do call back that really high-maintenance, annoying client or you don’t. You don’t have that difficult leadership conversation with an employee or you do. You do set time aside to pursue a goal or you don’t. In all of these situations, whether you do or don’t, you will. You will have consequences, good or bad. You will deal with the outcomes of your action or inaction, whatever the path those outcomes lead you to. The difference in getting where you want go to is a matter of focused intentionality.

Focused intentionality is you thinking and planning, each day, the goals, activities, and conversations you will put your energy and time toward. Unfocused intentionality is you ignoring the goals and activities and hoping that they will get done.

If I want a positive outcome to my goals of growing my business, I need focused intentionality to make those goals a reality.

If I want a more satisfying and deep relationship with my wife, I need focused intentionality to do and say the things I need to do to make this goal a reality.

If I want to be a more effective and impactful father to my children, I need focused intentionality to seek out the resources to learn and implement new skills to make this happen.

As teaching pastor and author, Todd Clark, said recently, “No one ever wanders into becoming what they want to be.” You don’t start the year hoping to have a better business or deeper relationships and just “get there.” You have to be intentional.

Intentionality. It’s my theme for the year.
What’s yours?

Jeff Orr is a Leadership Performance Coach, Business Coach, Author, and Transformational Speaker. Through his coaching company, InDemand Leadership, Jeff empowers executives, leaders and business owners to perform to their full potential without leaving anyone behind in the process. Jeff's passion for seeing leaders reach and exceed their goals comes through in his one-to-one coaching sessions, keynote speaking engagements, leadership retreats, and his book, Succeed In The New Normal.

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