Unstoppable People Fail to Succeed
08-28-2015 at 10:00 AM
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When you think of someone who is “unstoppable,” who comes to mind? A top athlete or sports team on a winning streak? A CEO or other leader who is making an impact on the culture? Perhaps a cancer survivor who has beaten the medical odds. What comes to your mind? I’m willing to bet that you did not think of yourself as unstoppable. Most people don’t. It sounds too pretentious, too arrogant. After all, you typically wouldn’t think of yourself as successful or as courageous as the unstoppable people on your list.

One of the reasons we struggle with seeing ourselves as unstoppable is in our definition. Not just the words, but the visual picture we create to describe someone who is unstoppable. We often imagine this person to have the perfect career. The perfect house. The perfect hair. They might have lots of money. It seems that everything they do succeeds. Life is easy for them. Are unstoppable people just lucky? Are they smarter? Do they possess better genes? Do they ever fail?

We don’t think of failures as unstoppable. We don’t think of ordinary people as unstoppable. Many of us feel like failures. Many of us feel ordinary.

Imagine being kicked out of school because your teachers have completely given up on you, describing you as “mentally slow.”
Imagine being cut from your high school sports team because you lack the skill.
Imagine having three of your businesses fail.
Imagine having your career derailed because you were told you lack imagination and have no original ideas.

These scenarios seem all too familiar to us because we have all experienced failure. All of us except, perhaps, unstoppable people. Maybe unstoppable people have been lucky to bypass such experiences.

Our tendency is to think that having a successful career and making lots of money is the pinnacle of being unstoppable. But the simple truth is, if your internal world is not unstoppable, your external successes are not sustainable. Countless people come to mind as reaching the heights of external success only to fall away after a short time. Often, it is for lack of a strong internal foundation that causes the inevitable downfall of the external success. So how do you develop a strong internal world? In a word - fail. But it’s not just failing that develops the internal world. It’s what you choose to do after you fail.

In my interactions and coaching with unstoppable people, I have found a common trait with all of them. They have an intentional focus on three areas of their internal world: Heart, Mind, and Soul. This choice to focus on the internal is what turned their failures into unstoppable successes.

Your Heart is the ‘why’ of your life. It is your purpose. It is the driver of what you do. Do you know your ‘why’? What is your life all about? Unstoppable people know their purpose.

Your Mind deals with all of your mindset. It is attitude. It is intellect. It is emotion. It is the many voices that empower you or limit you. When you think of a new idea, what is your first thought? Is it positive or negative? Unstoppable people have a positive, growth-oriented mindset.

Your Soul brings the core values of your life into play. Your core values drive every decision you make. Look at your actions. They will reflect and expose your true core values. You will put time and energy into what you value most. Do you know your core values? Unstoppable people have defined and prioritized their core values.

Unstoppable people fail first before they succeed. The growth is internal first before success is seen externally.

The kid who the teachers gave up on was Albert Einstein.
The youth dropped from the team was Michael Jordan.
The man who failed at business was Abraham Lincoln.
The guy with no imagination was Walt Disney.

It’s easy to look at the external achievement of these individuals and see them as unstoppable. What made them unstoppable was not their final success but the heart, mind, and soul that could not be stopped by failure. Did innate talent have an impact? Certainly. Was it easy for them? No. But they all made a choice to continue moving toward their dream no matter the odds. No matter the voices telling them to quit.

In every situation we have a choice. We choose to do something or not to do it. We choose to believe in our ability and opportunity or we don’t. This may sound over simplified, but in actuality, it is the choice that is simplified. The circumstance surrounding the choice may be complex, but the act of choosing is quite simple. The choice will happen. You will either choose one path or the other. Each choice has consequences good and bad. It is an incredible freedom we have as humans to choose. Unstoppable people choose wisely and intentionally toward their goals and dreams. They don’t fail to succeed, they go from failure to success.

So the real question to you is, Are you unstoppable?
Will you allow the obstacles, challenges, and failures to stop you right where you are?
Will you fail to succeed or go from failure to success?



Jeff Orr is a Personal Leadership Coach to Executives and Business Owners, Author, and Transformational Speaker. Through his coaching company, InDemand Leadership, Jeff empowers his clients to experience internal growth which then translates into sustainable external success. A dynamic and energizing speaker to corporations and groups, Jeff engages his audience through humor, real world stories, and a genuine care for the people he speaks to, helping them to build lasting success internally and externally. He is also author of the highly acclaimed book, Succeed In The New Normal.

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