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02-11-2015 at 10:25 AM
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I was speaking with a good friend of mine about a new aspect of his business he is considering. During the coarse of our conversation, the topic turned to golf. He played professionally in his career so I listened intently for anything he said that I could use to improve my game. He said there were two mistakes he made early on that, when he discovered how to correct them, were game changers. First, was keeping his eye on the ball. Sounds simple, but many people don’t keep their eye on the ball the whole way through their swing. When you keep you eyes focused on the ball past the contact point, your body is aligned, the club head is square with the ball, and the ball goes straight. Second, he said, is the fear of where the ball is going to go. Being afraid of where you think the ball will go is usually where you end up hitting it. The fear itself causes a myriad of problem points in the swing causing a self-fulfilling prophecy. This was a perspective I hadn’t thought of before. I could see immediately how I had done this time and time again in my own game.

Then I turned the conversation around on him. I asked him where in his business he is not keeping his eye on the ball. Where in his business is he allowing fear to dictate his direction? Let’s unpack this idea.

We all have a number of mission critical decisions to make as we work our business plan. Where a number of mistakes are made is in allowing distractions to take our eyes off the outcome (hitting the ball). We begin to implement the decision and different parts of the plan (the swing) but then look away from our objective. It comes in the form of the “tyranny of the urgent.” Clients call with immediate needs, fires need put out, a key employee has a crisis, or you have any number of administrative tasks that need done. All these distractions can take our eyes from the prize, so to speak, and cause the plan to go awry.

Fear is the other area that can mess up the best thought out plans. What part of your business or decision brings fear? Are you allowing that fear to alter how you are executing your plan in a way that is counter-productive to your original idea? Are you not calling prospects or clients because of fear? Are you not having a critical and difficult conversation with a team member because you fear the repercussions?

In golf, in the swing, fear trips you up. It is not until you let go of the fear that you actually hit better. More effectively. More successfully. What would happen if you let go of the fear in your business goal or decision?

I will often ask my clients this next question. I ask myself the same question: What would happen if you took the perspective that every decision you make today is the correct one and will result in success? How would that impact the growth of your business?

It has been my experience (and probably yours as well) that when decisions are made and implemented with confidence, letting go of the fear of failure, it is far more likely that you will be successful. This sounds simple, doesn’t it? Put it into practice and it can be.

I’m going out to hit the links. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Jeff Orr is a Leadership Performance Coach, Business Coach, Author, and Transformational Speaker. Through his coaching company, InDemand Leadership, Jeff empowers executives, leaders and business owners to perform to their full potential without leaving anyone behind in the process. Jeff's passion for seeing leaders reach and exceed their goals comes through in his one-to-one coaching sessions, keynote speaking engagements, leadership retreats, and his book, Succeed In The New Normal.

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