Five Civilities We Need Back
01-29-2015 at 12:35 PM
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Every society has a certain set of rules to govern the way people relate to each other, otherwise known as manners or civility. The following list is not comprehensive by any stretch, but is my top five civilities that our culture has lost – and needs back.

1. Don’t call anyone after 9pm.
I grew up before the dawn of email and texting, so this one makes perfect sense to me. There is a boundary that should be respected when it comes to talking with your family and friends after hours. Everyone needs downtime.

2. When someone thanks you, respond with “You’re welcome.”
My father is big on this one. How many times do you respond with “uh-huh,” “think nothing of it,” or “no problem?” I know I do all too often. I’m trying to break the habit. When someone says thank you, they are offering you a gift of gratitude. Anything other than “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure” is not the appropriate response to a thank you as it does not recognize the other person’s gratitude.

3. Be responsible for your animal.
Okay, I’m picking on dog owners in particular, but if you have an animal that communicates loudly and defecates in public areas, be aware that most everyone else around you finds it annoying.

4. Be on time.
I’m not sure I even need to comment on this one.

5. When you have a guest over to your house, turn off the television.
Unless your abode is a sports bar, having the television on when you have invited a guest over makes the statement that they are not quite as important as your favorite sports team, movie, or sitcom that is playing. When you keep diverting your attention to the program, you are definitely sending the message, “I like you, but not as much as the dribble that is coming from my highly esteemed, 96 inch, super-ultra-atomic-high-definition, mini-god that I purchased at Wal-mart for half off.”

What civilities do you think are missing from our culture that we need back?

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