A Day at the Lake Cost Me 2K
03-17-2015 at 12:12 PM
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I went kayaking. On a Monday. It cost me $2000. At least that is the opportunity loss due to me taking the day off. But I gained something worth far more than $2k.

I have been speaking with a great leader friend of mine about the topic of what fills our tank. As we lead our businesses and organizations, we talk a good game in this regard, but do we really believe what we say? I’m sure you’ve heard these lines (I’ve said them myself); “Time with my family fills my tank” or “Reading a good book refuels me” or “I get refueled by running or biking a few miles.” We even go as far as to actually set time aside to do these things that refill our tank. But let’s be honest. When it comes down to it, we are just too busy to refill our tank on a regular basis.

I know I should hit the gym. I feel much better after a workout... Let me check just one more email…

“Daddy come play with me!” Not now kid, I have a blog to write…

Why is it when I finally sit down to read, someone calls or texts me?

That’s reality. I struggle with it just like you do. But here’s what I have found along the way.

If I don’t refuel I will soon run out of productive energy. I will still be able to function and do my work, but what will be missing will be that creative spark, that extra-something that makes me different than my competitors. I become a shell of the person I used to be. I will get frustrated that I can’t think as clearly or make decisions as effectively as I had in the past. I have a mental “fog” preventing me from truly giving my best.

So to combat these negatives, I work harder, thinking I will somehow become what I want to be without the need of refueling. When that doesn’t work, I work longer hours. When that doesn’t work…

So what does work? Refueling. What fills your bucket, so to speak? There are few things that fill mine. A big one is learning. Another is being out in nature. I connect with my Maker in the out of doors, and it not only refills my mind, it fills my soul. When I take the time to refill my tank, I become more productive and effective in my work. I am also more effective at home. I am less stressed and need fewer Tums each night. I enjoy life more. I feel I am in my groove.

Taking time to refill your tank requires a change in your mindset. You have to think of the activity differently. You are not wasting time but improving your time. It is an activity as essential as responding to your emails and calls. I see it lived out in successful leaders all the time. I have even experienced the success in my own life when I do this.

So, you know you need to refuel to become more effective in your business and life. What will you do today to implement this critical component into your schedule?


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