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I was with a group of friends recently and we were going around telling of our favorite holiday. The usuals came out, Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I have to admit, growing up, Thanksgiving was not one of my favorite holidays. Yes, the food was good, but I found the day to be one of the most boring days of the year. Granted, I’m not a huge football fan so watching endless hours of sports on TV wasn’t appealing. Most all of my friends on the block were either stuck inside with their families or out of town visiting family. Over the years, not much has changed for me and this holiday. Yes, there is a great deal to be thankful for, but honestly, shouldn’t I be tha ...
For all the hype, movies, conspiracy theories, books, and endless information surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar (and the end of this age or Earth as we know it – depending on who you believe), there is one end you should be thinking about. The end of your business. Do you have an exit strategy? You have spent countless numbers of hours on your business, poured thousands of dollars into it to make it grow, and seen the fruit of your labor. What’s next? What do you want to do with this entity that screams for your attention? Are you hoping to someday sell the business? Are you going to pass it down the family line, building a lasting business legacy? If you are like most b ...