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Robert loved baseball. It all started when he was 4 or 5 – he can’t exactly recall – when he and his father would play catch in the yard. Dad would teach him how to stand, catch, throw, and hit the ball. As Robert grew, his father took him to some pro games. These were great moments that helped to shape his love for the game. In high school, Robert excelled at the game and was soon the star player. His best friend John was also a top player and the two pushed each other to improve their skills and stats. They would practice everyday together, working on hitting or fielding. When Robert didn’t feel like practicing, John would push and motivate him to get moving. When J ...
I have a confession to make. I have acquired a new addiction, one that could have sobering consequences. I have discovered the game of golf. Okay, laugh all you want. I’m indulging in my own mid-life crisis of sorts. Instead of an expensive sports car I can’t afford, I’m choosing to join the throngs of golf-enthusiasts and learn a new sport. The way I see it, I’m saving roughly $58,295 in start-up costs between the car and the clubs. That should make my wife happy (she doesn’t seem to see it the same way I do). While I am just beginning, I do recognize that the key to golf is not found in the technology of the club, but in the consistency of the swing. It is t ...