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I have to admit, when I think of courage, I think of a larger-than-life, muscle-bound hero charging into battle against all odds, guns blazing. His teeth are clenched in defiance of the enemy and his resolve is sure. Not a hint of fear is on his face as he exacts total destruction upon anyone in his way. Though the odds are clearly stacked against him, his all encompassing courage and strength lead him to victory. It is true that courage is a key character trait in leadership. It is necessary to exercise courage when you face all kinds of challenges in the workplace, in your business, and at home. Whether you are leading employees, clients, yourself or your family, those you lead look to yo ...
As un-politically correct as this may sound, there is at least one benefit to extreme poverty: you lose weight. You lose weight because you can’t afford to buy all the extra food that is marginally nutritious, and therefore, only eat the food that will sustain you. Your daily caloric intake falls below the government’s daily recommended guideline and your body starts living off the storehouse of energy you affectionately refer to as “the spare tire.” Many of us remember being in this situation at one point or another – usually in college. One of the most useful things I learned in college was how to survive on $10 a week, two packages of Top Ramen, and a small ...