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I had the opportunity the other night to enjoy a small but raucous party hosted by a family a few doors down the road from me. The problem was, I wasn’t invited. Nor was anyone else. This party was exclusive to the one family, enjoying the hot tub in the backyard of a corporate-owned rental home. The party was also on a work night and went well into the early morning hours. Not a very pleasant way to start your work week. Evidently, simple cultural values, such as, respect your neighbors, escaped them. Perhaps they weren’t passed on by their parents. Perhaps they just don’t care. In either case, the two teen-aged children with them will certainly not incorporate basic resp ...
It has happened to all of us at one time or another in the life of our business. You lose a big client – or worse yet, you get fired by a big client. It’s one thing to lose a customer because they aren’t satisfied with a product you have sold. It’s an entirely different matter in a service-oriented business. You, as the owner, are the product! The client isn’t rejecting a tangible product. They are rejecting you, your skill set, your experiences, your talent and expertise. How do you recover mentally from that – especially when you have to get ready to serve another client only an hour after you got fired from the first client? How do you get back in the g ...